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Welcome to the Sausage Sensei

About Bill Dumas

How it all started

I created The “Sausage Sensei”- Sausage Making Classes to give both the backyard cooks, and folks in the restaurant industry, an excellent opportunity to hone and fine tune their sausage making skills. I have many years experience in high volume, nationally-acclaimed, award-winning Texas Monthly Rated BBQ restaurants, as well as USDA inspected sausage production facilities. I believe in mentorship and passing on my craft and knowledge, to carry on the Cultural Food Heritage of Central Texas BBQ and Sausage Making. My classes are designed for the neophyte beginner taking that first smoky step, or the already proficient backyard pit cook wanting to just sharpen and polish his or her skills, or for the professional pitmaster or restauranteur wanting to increase their bottom line and improve their ratings with their customers and critics.

I have been fortunate to gain industry and customer loyalty by making quality sausages by hand, using old world techniques all the while thinking outside the box.

I produce four daily types of sausage for Schulze’s Pit Room in Seguin Texas: Mild (my version of a traditional Central Texas Hot Gut), Jalapeño Cheese, and Brisket Boudin. I also rotate daily specials and produce more creative types of sausage such as: Mac n Cheese Sausage, Vietnamese Shaken Beef Sausage, Korean Bulgogi Sausage, Tacos Al Pastor Sausage, etc.

My belief is that you can think of any dish, explode it and put it back together in a tube aka sauasage! My methodology in making these specials are unique and quirky. That said, I do believe in mentoring folks. Since June 2020 I initiated and built a Sausage Making Class series, where I teach folks all of the rudimentary basics of sausage production.

My Journey

A Sausage Makers History


Journey Was Started

I was born as a BBQ baby.

Smokey Denmark’s

Managed and operated the BBQ food truck for Smokey Denmark's Smoked Meats in Austin, TX. Read more

Joined Stiles Switch

Joined the team at Stiles Switch BBQ and Brew in Austin, TX. As part of the team we were nominated one of the Texas Monthly's Magazine Top 50 BBQ Joint rating. Read More

Texas A&M's Camp Brisket

Speaker at Camp Brisket at the Texas A&M University Rosenthal Meat Science Center. Read more
2018 & 2019

Headlined Brew N Que in Perth Australia

Flown into Perth Australia to cook an authentic Texas BBQ meal at Ascot Race Course for many VIP's at the Brew N Que Australia event. Read More

Joined Brotherton’s Black Iron BBQ

Joined forces with John Brotherton to create and head up the sausage program for Brotherton's Black Iron BBQ and Liberty BBQ.

Started the Sausage Making Class series

The first One-on-One custom sausage making class of it's kind offered to the public. Thus starting a sausage revolution.

Joined Schulze’s Pit Room

Joined forces with Schulze’s Pit Room to create and head up the sausage program.